My UAVP (Universal Aerial Video Platform)
Updated to UAVX
I initially built this is 2007 – things have moved on now and this is so out of date, who’d ever have to make their own frame now. Anyway, they are called bloody drones now and well…

It’s a Quadcopter built from an Open Source development, more info here:
Although most of the tech and help came from this forum:

Here’s some pictures of how I created it:

The main structure is made from Sign Board, it’s very thin alloy with plastic bonded, very light and strong.
It’s white so I used vinyl gunmetal and red.

I put O’Rings between the delrin blocks I made to give some damping


The cage hand made from alloy

Booms from a 450 helicopter

12amp ESC

Ta Da!

Modified the leg of carbon rod, fitted 5.8Ghz video sender custom built and a Canon SD450 (Ixus 55)



I used a remote camera device for the FlyCamOne (FC02) with the modified CHDK Firmware on the Canon to get remote shutter working through a USB lead, it needs 5v on pins 1 and 4.
All worked well until I connected the video out for the camera, I found that the FC02 switched the ground not the live, the video jack is grounded so when plugging that in triggers the shutter.
I made this simple circuit with an old transistor to change this around.

Test Circuit

FC02 plugs onto pins

CHDK Firmware, set to run a simple remote shutter script on auto

CHDK on Canon

5.8Ghz video transmitter made on veroboard

5.8Ghz TX

Because of the 2mm pins on the RX unit I had to make my own PCB

5.8Ghz RX

Experimenting with antennas at moment.


Full Spec:

Firmware = UAVX-V1.768gke-18F2620-16
Motor to Motor = 770mm
Receiver : Spektrum AR7000
TX : Spektrum DX7
Motor = 2410-09 840KV Outrunner Brushless Motor (Red)
ESC = Robotbirds 12A
Props = epp1045
Gyro= 3x ADSRX300
Compass = HMC6352
Accel = LIS3LV02DQ
Baro = SMP085
LM3480 and capacitors fitted to reduce to 3.3v – Moved to Tricopter build

Weight: 880g
With battery: 1060g
With Canon camera: 1220g
With HD camera: 1205g


Replaced TL431 with LM3480 Low-Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator to get proper 3.3v

3.3v convert


Dont fly tired, at night and on low batteries.