What a great idea, hide the TV at the bottom of the bed.
I had a TV, a bed and thought it would be easy to make a box and buy a TV Lift.

TV Lift bought

Box started

Lift mechanism cut, new bearings fitted to lathed ends.


It uses a two wire, two diodes for the limit switches, I need to get my head around how that works before adding it here.

Then it broke. (Without me giving it a shove)

That’s the worm drive snapped off,a really weak part and replacement motor was impossible to find so bought a complete unit.
After measuring and working how that was going to fit a few problems came up.

As this unit replaced the housing that help everything in the whole weight was going to be sitting on the shaft.
The fix was to fit a thrust bearing

With the original controls the unit stopped dead so there must be some braking in the electronics. 
With the new unit when it hit the limit switches the motor ran on and slowed down to a stop, over running the bottom switch.

The internal switch had to be replaced with a large external one I could adjust better.
I used spare coupings from the CNC build to join it together.


I know it looks like a little piano but my feet sometimes stick out the end of the bed OK …..

These rollers I made out of hard drive bearings and some acrylic disks, it stops the material ripping as it runs up the inside of the lid.