Originally from the 1920’s, it’s been broken for a while. (about 30 years).

The brushes were worn out, one plate cracked and a layden jar missing.

Old Whimhurst

Had the glass plates made, £5 the pair which was a bargain.

Found some aluminium tape at B&Q and with a nail file as template cut them out and stuck them on using a template knocked up on PC, It’s Glass I can see through it!.

Glass for the Layden Jars were 15mm test tubes off ebay.
The only pain was sticking foil to the inside of these and I cut the tops off on the lathe.

I’ve tried to keep it original so bought leather cord as the drive belts.

Brushes were again off ebay for Scalextrix,

Black paint and Brasso, taa daa.


New Whimhurst