Portable flat bed sander, because dust gets everywhere.

Old drill with faulty batteries



Problem first off was that this didn’t have a bearing like I thought but loose sleeve, and it was loose.


I made an acrylic bearing holder and ordered a cheap needle roller off eBay, this slotted into the top part and was bolted down.

A lasered 6mm ply made up the brackets and rest of the housing I designed from scratch.

A bolt lathed down with the head sandwiched between two 6mm ply parts made up the 150mm sanding head.
These were fitted with different grades of self-adhesive pads.

The size is 300m square and dead flat.

At last I found a use for the Chinese Sunko 788H  battery spot welder. I made up a 3S2P 11.4V with 18650 Lipos.

Charge socket and on and off.

No more sanding in the cabin, unless it’s raining outside.