I had this 15” Touch Screen LCD Kiosk machine lying around and wanted to do something with it.
Playing Plants vs. Zombies looked good but the case looked crap.
Playing around with MAME I realised there’s some potential here but sinking the screen into a table and having controls was screwed when you wanted to play portrait games and then landscape, I didn’t want the control on the top.
The solution was an IKEA HOL Table, just lift the top and rotate and some Skoghall coasters.

 Looks crap but does have a Micro ITX motherboard in the back….

 As the top was quite thick I had to rout it down and raise the screen up to meet it.

 Hard drive platters come in all sorts of sizes, handy spacers.

The screen had a useful audio-amp for speakers and on switch so created a mount inside case to keep it out the way


The control panel was made from another IKEA find, hot plate stands, matches the basket fine.


I backed the control panel and front of the box with matt black vinyl on sign board

Also the table top around the monitor

 As MAME uses keyboard commands I mapped these out to the Joystick and arcade buttons

You need to work out the keyboard matrix otherwise you’ll have too many wires

Like there’s not enough already,

Arcade World UK for the waggly and pushy bits


Nearly finished, it has the front matt black panels to go but you can see the other switches below, these are for inserting coin, quit, properties and in-game pause.



 Using Mala I created a front end to MAME