Made from an Eee 1000 Netbook, crappy looking LCD screen and an Ikea Lack table

MAME Arcade Machine

A lot of pictures on this one

The honeycombe inside has to come out and the table reinforced with 4mm plywood

To give the supports a slight angle – I needed a bit of the fence

A quick test to make sure it all works
I bought the generic joystick controllers to cut build time down a bit – the buttons all have LEDs in

The monitor has an external power supply and once stripped down has a nice chrome bezel
I made a rear acrylic bracket to hold all it’s guts and matt sprayed the bits black

Got carried away on the VGA cable but it ended up looking nice, how small can you make it…


Printed and got the laser to cut them out

I spent quite a while testing the netbook to make sure it didn’t get hot
I used a slab of aluminium to sit where the keyboard would as this helps with airflow and acts as a heat sink, then stressed the CPU out with some software under a pile of rags – didn’t catch fire

I really like these hard drive platter retainers and need to use them more