Made form a Site Kiosk

The Kiosk had an HP Desktop, Touch Screen Monitor and a neat stainless steel keyboard / trackball, I’m thnking Missile Command here or Marble Madness…


Hacked a hole and welded in some tabs for the joysticks.

MAME Console 

 I covered some transparent sheet acrylic with carbon effect vinyl and cut out with the laser, just cutting the top vinyl off shows the ‘one and two player’, this will be illuminated later.

Being too tight to buy an I-Pac I worked the matrix out on a Dell keyboard and wired that up.   



The screen had a privacy covering and by the time I’d stripped the touch panel off I junked it and fitted another brighter screen ripped out of an old monitor. Some 8mm thick acrylic was cut to size and sandwidched to the front with foam inbetween made a nice edge


A strip of LEDs and some red acrylic gave the 1 and 2 player back light.

Fitted a base Logitech speaker and better base system, controlled by a dial under the front panel, also allows for earphones to plug in, no idea why you’d do that.



Running MAME in XP or Lubuntu (default)