Saw these really cheap tables at Ikea (£5 each)

I bought a few to try and after cutting a whole for the screen I just kept going.

 MAME Table



Reinforced back plate for the joystick and buttons, this gets impact glued to the inside. All wired up.

Extension for the power button with light, this was a pain as there’s no 12v supply on the main board.

12V regulator, just for a little light.

 12v Convertor



Extending the little ribbon cable for the touchpad and buttons I used 2 breadboards back to back.

Ribbon cable extension

Open and all installed, USB hub was needed in the end, plus I bought a keyboard encoder instead of ripping apart a keyboard

And Shut, there’s an external USB next to the power socket

Vinyl covered board with holes, held in place by magnets, I didn’t want any screws on the outside showing

Joystick and three main buttons, a reset and coin on the bottom.
There’s also a touch pad and lef/right mouse buttons on the front.

 Chopped two legs at an angle and plugged, they are hollow, think I may adjust the angle some more, damn LCDs…

Parts used:

Ikea table
Toshiba laptop, Windows Vista 2GB ram, 4 port USB hub, lm340t12 voltage reg, keyboard encoder and ARCADE-WORLD-UK

 Here’s a link to some of my favorite games playing on it

And some more pictures, it’s got a button that glows….