Because I can now engrave and laser out round objects I had to make a bottle cutter…. Damn-it!

 Bottle Cutter

A B&Q Mitre box looked ideal, a couple of 8mm shafts (old printers) and skate bearings made the roley bits

Mitre Box

To fit different size bottle I lasered this adjuster into the 5mm acylic ends, you can move the shafts in or out
The ends push fitted into the mitre box


The cutter head took the longest as I wanted this adjustable, main part and top rail from an old vinyl cutter, £1.50 glass cutter and little angle alloy cut to fit

Cutter Head

When turning the bottle the cutter doesn’t slide and makes a perfect score


Press and turn

Bottle Cutter

I’ve Scored!

I heat the score mark and then dunk into some ice water, I use a blow torch and too much heat isn’t good 🙂