Having had part of the roof replaced in the house I have a lot of Styrofoam sheets blowing around the garden.

DIY Foam Cutter

Instead of bending a bit of wire and a 12v battery I may have over-engineered this a bit.

The base is from a left over Ikea Besta cupboard, top and bottom screwed together and they have little adjustable feet too.
Measurements were laser engraved on. The boards are hollow in the middle with corrugated cardboard you can pull out.

Ikea Besta base lasered

The arm is a computer monitor mount, it’s adjustable up and down, twists and rotates 90 degrees to allow for it to be stored easily. 
The up and down I use to add tension to the wire plus I can make it a lot shorter and less prone to wire bend.

Yeah, well the arms may be a bit much, 6mm black acrylic laser cut with spacers and stainless nuts and bolts, I like the shape.
It’s then bolted into the filed out top (bottom) mount. There’s an amount of flex in the whole arm so it’s designed upwards towards the end.

It needed an aluminium plate to mount it to the side, drilled and tapped.

I made a floating adjustable head for the wire to connect to.

Wire end clamps made from bits soldered together.


The Electronics
LED DC 0-100V 0-10A panel volt /amp meter
12V-24V 8A Adjustable LED Switch Dimmer Controller
0.56mm x 1m 24SWG Nichrome Wire

Underside. I used the Dimmer box, fuse holder from an old photocopier and a carburettor main jet to hold the wire steady.

For the Control Panel I covered some black acrylic sheet with white vinyl, laser cut off and weeded it for the lettering.

It has power from a 12V 5A PSU, it’ll also work off some 18650 Cell 14.8v Power packs I have.


Cut Stuff.

Some links below to it working, it doesn’t stink as much as I thought..