Ingersoll Rand Model B Compressor

Don’t think I needed another compressor but for £20 what the heck

It didn’t run.
Both start capacitors were duff so replaced with similar sized.

I don’t know how old this is but I got probably 50 years of crap that I scrapped off in the garage.

Tank is made by Scaife of Oakmont Pennsylvania USA, Compressor a Model B by Ingersoll Rand London and the motor from Bristol Pneumatic Tools Ltd.
Due to the colour of the tank possibly RAF?


Scanned in all the parts and laser cut new gaskets. Bottom end was really clean, replaced oil and cleaned top end of carbon.
Motor was stripped, cleaned and oiled. Internal wires I could get to were replaced and heat shrink coated.

Rubbed down, oxide painted then a couple of top coats.


Nuts and bolts were replaced if needed, thanks Grandand for the jam jars of brass BA nuts and bolts.