A Bafang BBSHD is a Mid Drive electric motor that replaces your bottom bracket, sprocket and front pedals. (work in progress)

Here’s a view of my fitting.


Donor bike is a Voodoo Hoodoo, a 27 geared MTB with disk brakes

Here’s the parts I purchased, Bafang BBS03 BBSHD 1000W kit with a 52v 17Ah battery


Battery with mount and locking key.

Look out when fitting, this battery mount, it has a capacitor behind those contact pins and can make you jump if you get close with your allen tool.

Checking the voltage it showed 52v before I charged it and 58v after so that looks good.


Charger below, typical Chinese and not that impressed. It has a two pin jack connector so it’s not going to get much feedback apart from voltage.
I don’t know what’s inside the battery pack as far as management, maybe have a look later.


This little add-on sensors the cable movement as you shift gears and cuts the motor for a second, removing that clunk/bang from the gears under load.

Speed sensor


Whip all these bits off, am going to lose the front 3 sprockets and have the Bafang single one.

Removed this stuff

Bottom Bracket to be removed

The tolerance is so fine in the bottom bracket that the bolt holding the bottom cable management need shortening and the tubes protruding had to be grinded down a bit.

I purchased the right size bottom bracket (63mm) but the bikes frame made part of the motor housing touch so I had to make a spacer. This is why I tend to save what a lot of what other people call crap.



And also needed to make two spacers for the bracket


Battery mounting fitted

I wasn’t going to fit the gear sensor but after a quick test ride thought I would. I didn’t lke the idea of cutting back the cable outer so just fitted it where the cable was exposed, used some neoprene wrap to make a comfy fit.

The trouble with these builds are too many wires, hiding them without cutting open the frame (which I thought about) was fun.


Heatskrink water proofing above.




Right that will do for now, I may move it all around inside the frame later.



Yep that works!




With Some Fat Franks on, much smoother road runners