My small compressor is so noisy I’ve been looking at these Hush quiet ones but they are so expensive.

Kicking around the shed for years has been this tank I use as an auxiliary air tank and from this I intended to make my own quiet compressor, mainly for airbrush supply.
 Flying Fortress

It wasn’t until I’d stripped it down did I find out it was stainless steel, then a bit more research on the Internet found it to be an oxygen tank from a World War 2 B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber, gulp!

b-17 Oxygen Tank

Also kicking around was this motorcycle paddock stand, some fridge compressors and mounting plate.

Paddock Stand  

Stripped the frame, welded the bottom legs, front feet supports, added a steel bar and sprayed.

I needed something for the tank to sit against on the frame so made up leather and neoprene mounts.

Leather and Neoprene 
Also lasered up some ply for the feet.

I used stainless steep cable to secure the tank and it’s on very tight.


A bit of soldering and paint plus these quick pneumatic connectors later.

B-17 Compressor

The tank is supported by two stainless steel bolts onto stainless plates with the NeoLeather mounts

It takes a little longer to get up to pressure than my other compressor but it’s whisper quiet, so quite when it kicks off it usually makes me jump.

Dialed down to 120PSI.